Welan Gum


Oil and Gas Field, Construction and Industrial Applications

Welan Gum is a water-soluble anionic polysaccharide synthesized by the fermentation of carbohydrates. It composed of a polymer of tetrasaccharide backbone chain containing l-mannose, l-rhamnose, d-glucose, and d-glucuronic acid.


CAS No.: 96949-22-3

Function: Thickener, Suspension Agent, Binder, Emulsifier, Stabilizer and Viscosity Agent              

Package: 25 kg bag, 50 lb bag or customization.




Standard tech grade Welan Gum


Tech grade Welan Gum with high temperature resistance


Tech grade Welan Gum with extra high temperature resistance


Tech grade Welan Gum with extra alkaline resistance


Tech grade Welan Gum with extra low viscosity


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Welan gum is an excellent thickener and stabilizer, with high viscosity, pseudoplasticity, thermal stability and compatibility under low shear. 



Oil and Gas field

Acts as a critical spacer fluid component; 

Provides performance of viscosity enhancement and friction pressure reduction, stabilization for hydraulic fracturing, wellbore cleanup, cementing, and drilling;

Functions as a high-temperature resistant polymeric thickening agent in the secondary and tertiary oil recovery process.


In concrete or mortar compositions, it plays a critical use to reduce fluid loss, to increase the suspension properties. It significantly improves the fluidity of concrete mixtures, increases cohesion, reduces the tendency of bleeding and segregation, and has little effect on mechanical properties and durability of concrete.

In dry powder mortar, it replaces traditional thickening products such as cellulose ether, providing thickening and thixotropy performance, at low dosage.

Along with superplasticizer, it also acts as a liquefied viscosity agent.

Other Industrial Applications

Acts as a thickener, suspension agent, binder, emulsifier, stabilizer, and viscosity agent.

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